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Saturday Nights from 8-10PM on WCBE Columbus 90.5 FM

Welcome to the Web Site for the SHAKIN' IT show on 90.5FM WCBE, Columbus!!
Every week, I'll post my weekly playlists here and give you a place to download the entire show. SHAKIN' IT is a two hour radio program founded on the spirt of having fun on a Saturday night. A "tempo" based show that plays virtually all upbeat genres of music. The show ebbs and flows in dynamic waves with humor, insights (hopefully), and fun factoids. Currently heard on WCBE Saturday nights from 8PM until 10PM in Columbus on the dial at 90.5FM and around the world at

Although my offical slogan is "funk to punk, soul to swing, retro to reggae" the actual program encompasses much more. Frequent genres heard on the show include garage, tex-mex, zydeco, ska, doo wap, blues, world beat, ragga rock, new wave, surf, rockabilly & psychobilly.

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There are two regular features that appear in both hours of the program. In Hour One there is a segment called FOR LOVERS ONLY. That segment features a slow, romantic, sexy number. In Hour Two, there is a FEATURED SEGMENT where I go three songs deep into a new CD and highlight its fun quotiant, artistic value, and overall "shake-a-bility!!"

There are also frequent SPECIALTY SHOWS thoughout the year that are dedicated to an entire theme. Recent shows include an all Halloween program, all Summer Fun songs, and Christmas music. There was also a special Tribute to Buddy Holly show on the 50th anniversary of "the day the music died."

The JOY is in the musical journey. It's my job to make you slackjawed when you hear a song and say "Oh WOW!" Then when the next song comes... "Holy Shiiiit!" Then, "I can't believe I'm hearing this." Then, "I can't believe this is happening to me." I want you to recall the memory of (if you are of a certain age) or discover the magic (if you are younger) of hearing amazing music on the radio and connecting emotionally with the host as a fun guy and old familiar friend.'

Music... it's the single most spiritual experience in my life. It transports me to another place and elevates my soul. When it all comes together on the radio and each joyous song contributes to a bigger musical picture, then it's the most amazing thing in the world! So...Add some music to your day... anyways you can! For discussion board and other info go to:

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The great thing about my current time slot is that it's the perfect place for a toe tappin' fun music show. I still love singer-songwriters and other slower musical forms that I played on "Radio Free Columbus" (1991-1995). But somehow, that doesn't make sense to me for this show. But the bad thing about the time slot is that many people can't listen regularly... whether it's movies, fine dining, or a night out listening to "live music" in the clubs... which, by the way... I strongly urge you to do! So this page provides the perfect solution! Either listen ON DEMAND or download the entire show onto mp3. Better yet, burn it to CD and turn your friends on too!

If you'd like additional information on any of these artists, just let me know. If you care to send me some mp3's of your favorite artists, or just want to chat with a new radio friend, please write me directly at Jon. Also, everything played on the S-I show is digitized, so if you ever hear a song that speaks to your soul and blows you away, just send me an email. I'll gladly send you an mp3 of that song. I love file sharing. Thanks for listening... and of course.... Keep on Shakin' It!

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"Wild Jon" Peterson is the Host of the SHAKIN' IT show. WCBE listeners might remember me as producer of the "Radio Free Columbus" show from 1991 to 1995. Other radio jobs include Station Manager at WNTI/Hackettstown & WIVI/St.Thomas USVI, Program Director at WRNR Annapolis and WRLT Nashville, and Production Director at KPFK/Los Angeles. I also taught media courses at Penn State, Cal State San Bernardino, Towson University, and the University of The Virgin Islands. In addition, I was Head of Promotion at Arista Austin Records. I'm currently employed as a Senior Account Executive at Clear Channel Media & Entertainment in Baltimore, MD.

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Bicentenial Park, June 1992. Karen Kasler (left) with Chery Lever Hooker (next to Jon)


Little Steven Van Zandt visits Wild Jon on WRNR Annapolis (August 9, 2002) for a live verson of "Little Steven's Underground Garage" with WJ as co-host


Wild Jon Peterson with Laura Wiley-Lewis, co-owner, Elizabeth's Records


The Wild, The Innocent, and the Hershey Park Shuffle, Hershey Park, PA, April 2014


A former feral jungle cat from the USVI island of St. John, a adopted Raul (named after Raul Malo) at Waga-palooza, December 2004

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