Privacy Statement

A major concern on people's minds these days is privacy on the Internet. This site is targeted specifically at people who are our customers, so we feel an obligation to inform you of how Shakin' It Radio handles information at our site.

First, Be aware this website is run from a secure server, and has quite a few features built into the server that provides extensive levels of security to maintain privacy for both our customers & anyone accessing the website.

Shakin' It Radio makes extensive use of Frames, CGI & PERL scripts and Server Side Include (SSI) pages. This method of presenting information also provides a great deal of flexibility & power in displaying this pertinent information to our customers.

To be honest, although we love every one of our visitors dearly, we don't have any interest in what you- as an individual is doing at the site! We are more interested in what you as a herd are doing. We want to know what pages you tend to visit, and what pages you don't tend to visit. So, here's the policy:

  • We do not, under any circumstances, sell or disclose to any third party, information gathered by any script or device.
  • All form submissions are logged to a file. This protects against lost requests. The file is purged monthly.
  • As of this writing, HTTP Cookies are being used at this site to give our customers a personalized menu of their choosing and to store customer information. Any other uses will be reflected in this policy statement as needed.

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